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Youth-led "Learning by Doing" movement and startup with the goal of putting affordable STEM learning solutions in every classroom.

KlemBox was a youth-led revolution that set out to infuse practicality into learning through immersive experiences. As a marketing consultant for this startup, I embarked on a collaborative journey with a group of passionate minds. Together, we channeled innovation and teamwork into the KlemBox vision. Born from the stark disparity between conventional and hands-on learning, KlemBox engineered an inventive solution: learning kits bundled in boxes. Guided by official textbooks, these kits transformed mundane classroom lessons into vibrant explorations. While KlemBox's active phase may have been brief, its impacts have been profound. As founders ventured towards higher education, KlemBox's legacy continued to inspire. This project highlighted the potential of bridging academia with practicality, reaffirming my commitment to accessible and empowering education. Education has always been and will continue to be a topic that is close to my heart.

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