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Farm Hero

Award-winning agritech startup on a mission to improve Cambodian farmers' livelihood and productivity.

"Farmers in Cambodia own an average land of 1.6 hectares. Without the economic capacity to invest in expensive tractors and equipment, they receive agricultural services ranging from planting to harvesting from the tractor owners. Yet, the current status quo of bookings is inefficient for both parties, impacting their profitability. Farm Hero is a marketplace that connects tractor owners with smallholder farmers who need tractor and agricultural equipment services including planting, harvesting, etc. When the farmers book the tractor services through our platform, they won’t get the tractor itself. Instead, a tractor driver will come to service their farm."

I'm currently undertaking a short-term assignment to support Farm Hero in establishing marketing strategies for the startup.

I'll tell you all about it soon. Stay tuned. ;-)

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