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Clean Energy Newsletter

Bimonthly newsletter with 5K+ subscribers curating the latest clean energy news and highlighting the implications for Cambodia.

During my time as the Communications Manager at EnergyLab Cambodia, I produced the clean energy newsletter series in collaboration with the Founder and Program Teams of the organization. Each newsletter not only highlights the activities and impact of EnergyLab but also features what's happening in the clean energy sector locally, regionally and globally. If you're interested, have a read:

Apr-May 2023 — A Lot of Developments on the Clean Energy Front

Dec 2022 — The “Leapfrog” World Cup: Cambodia in an Enviable Position

Jul 2022 — EDC Loses Millions on Coal Deals While Europe Goes Back to Coal

Apr 2022 — Solar in the Shadows As Cambodia Backs Coal Power

Feb 2022 — Exit Stage Left: Australia’s Largest Coal Plant To Close Due to Economics

Dec 2021 — Seasons Greetings from EnergyLab!

Nov 2021 — Phase Down Coal? Sure! Cambodia’s Energy Minister Announces 59% Renewables by 2040

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